Best backpack mount for 360 camera (2022)


So you are about to travel and want to get the most out of your journey. You’re bringing your 360 Camera to cover your trip to take panoramic shots, but you don’t have a safe adjustable, and secure bag for it. Well having a secure and comfortable backpack is a must for the extreme sports such as biking, skating, snow, or water sports as well

For that purpose in this article, we are rounding up our favorite backpack mount for 360 cameras of different sizes, materials, and durability.

1. GoPro Daytripper

Designed for daily adventures: hiking, biking, and commuting
• Protective, customizable camera and accessories storage
• Soft-lined compartment for a 15in laptop or 2L hydration bladder¹

• Versatile 15L compartment for gear and clothing • Clear, zippered internal pockets
• Dimensions: 19.1in x 10.6in x 5.5in

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This backpack is considered part of GoPro’s new lifestyle collection, it’s a great all-around backpack to use in the city or out in nature it’s got a  nice water-resistant coating on the outside,  ergonomic padding on the back including a chest strap, and waist strap, a sleeve for a laptop, water bladder and room for up to four Gopros on the front pocket and an integrated mount for your 360 camera on the backpack shoulder sleeve.

It’s compatible with all GoPro Cameras as well as other outdoor photography gear, such as drones, DSLRs, and gimbals.

2. Insta360 X backpack mount

Key features

Perfect for jogging, cycling, mountain biking, BMX and motorcycling.
The bundle with Invisible Selfie Stick includes an Invisible Selfie Stick and Waist Strap.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 525mm x195mm x 90.5mm.
Minimal Diameter: 164mm; Maximum Diameter: 315mm.

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the next one in our list is from the famous brand   Insta360 , it may seem a small strap in the picture, but once you get it you notice how big it is, this mount sits around your waist like a  belt, and then the selfie stick screws into the thread, you can then extend the selfie stick as much as you want to sits above your head as you walk or ride your bicycle, first you may think that this mount would be uncomfortable around the waist and would affect but once you start moving with it you don’t really notice it around your waist.

3. GoPro Seeker

Designed for daily adventures like hiking, biking, and commuting
item dimensions: 116 x 29 x 50 Centimeters

Compatible with all GoPro cameras.
Lightweight, weather-resistant

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The Seeker stands as one of the top preffred backpack mounts among travelers as   designed to hold several  360 Cameras it  seems to have its origins as a  lightweight backpack instead of a large  camera bag, this makes it something that  you’re much more likely to take with you  when doing practicing any kind of sport in your travelling journey and GoPro has  simply included some nice features for  helping you to take great shots in your trip  

It has a   padded compartment on the top of the bag designed to hold up to five GoPro cameras inside as well as a 3-axis gimbal on the flap, there are two small pockets you can use to store things like SD  cards. On the left-hand shoulder strap, there’s a  GoPro buckle mount that allows you to mount your 360 camera on your shoulder strap and get some shoulder-mounted GoPro footage. it’s a low profile way to  carry your GoPro camera around with you  it gives you something much like a chest-mounted shot without the hassle of  having to take a chest mount but if  you’re a real fan of the chest mount the  seeker doesn’t let you down because it  comes with an integrated camera chest  mount that straps onto the shoulder  strap of the backpack to allow you to  shoot a chest-mounted shot you just get onto it it’s a really solid shot it  allows for some really great chest-mounted footage

4.SHOOT Selfie Pro Backpack 

Perfect for jogging, cycling, mountain biking,
Long trip adventure,
Compatible with all GoPro 360 Cameras
Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 13.5 cm

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Another great Backpack from Shoot that we can describe it as a  harness that you strapped to your back quite tightly, has an elastic pole out the back to make it easier for you to attach your 360 camera onto that pole

Unlike the other Backpacks, this one gives you a  perspective of 3rd person shooting which rarely get from the other Backpacks  in the Market

  The other backpack has chest straps or head straps that give you a view of what’s going on but it doesn’t actually include the person who’s actually videoing it so, this one includes you in the video. imagine you are walking or riding a bike or climbing while a  monkey on your back holding a GoPro Basically you are capturing yourself participating in that activity, not just the camera filming the activity that you are doing.

4.TELESIN Backpack


Perfect You can use the strap mount when hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing, etc. fully free your hands to get the wonderful shooting.
Package dimensions : 6.85×3.72×1.65
Compatible with most of 360 cameras
Package includes 1pc Backpack Strap Mount + 1pc 360 rotation J-Hook + 1pc Screw. The Camera, Frame Case, Selfie Stick and all other accessories in the pictures are not included!

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  If you are looking for something that came compacted and fully unfold

well, this backpack will be the right choice for you, it’s really minimalistic and,  when  it’s completely unfolded it is 220 on  120 millimeters .pretty much  covered with any action 360 camera setup  with a strap mount we have a GoPro quick-release mount where you can mount your  camera , and then you can adjust it  if you want to, it’s highly recommended to you to use J hooks  with this mount it will gonna give you  the ability to have it 90 degrees if you  want to know the way it works is pretty  simple to use , you can only unfold it you go to your  backpack and then you basically strap it  on and close with a velcro you have  enough velcro in here to keep your GoPro  safe and secured on your backpack

Strap mount is velcro design, simple structure, and durable material, easy to install and release. With a 360 rotatable J hook mount, TELESIN Shoulder Strap Backpack Mount is made of elastic nylon and polycarbonate buckle, very soft and comfortable to wear. It adopts an ergonomic design, and weight is distributed evenly by way of the shoulder pad

6. Wizmount

Brand : Wizmount
Telescopic mechanism for distance adjustment and easy packing
Three-way camera mount assembly including two CNC-machined aluminum-alloy mounts delivering optimal viewing angles for GoPro and other cameras
‎Product dimensions : ‎100 x 30 x 45.01 cm; 1.5 Kilograms

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The backpack mounts that we see until now can deliver impressive  results they’re made for tough  conditions and are light and easy to use  however this one stand as one of the best backpackmount in our list as it can perform incridbly well , in the most extreme situations with a   third-person perspective point of view,  Wizmount makes unique sophisticated  mounting systems for GoPro Max 360  and other  action cameras.

wizmount get designed for maximum versatility comfort  and stability video is smooth and stable  the c2 pack comes with a heavy-duty  water-resistant pack made from  top-of-the-line reinforced fabrics and  advanced polymers strong and specially  designed with an inner harness to hold  the ergonomic baseplate light rigid and  custom-designed for maximum comfort  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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