Top 5 best tv under 1500


A 1 500 dollar budget is a good place to be if you are looking for a good TV, as prices of TVs are heading south and new technology features are finding their way into the more mainstream models making them available to a wider range of people. 

you can easily find some high-end TVs  with excellent picture quality and a ton  of features for under 1500 if you’re willing to cut on size a  bit as you may be limited to a 55 or 65-inch screen

 After reviewing multiple options we have come up with the top five best TVs under  1500  dollars in  2022.

1. Hisense  75 H8G

Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI
Hardware Interface Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0
Screen Size 74.5 Inches
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Google TV, Browser
Display Technology LCD
Controller Type Voice Control
Screen Surface Description Flat
Speaker Type Built-In
Model Name 75H8G

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At a budget of 1 500 Hisense 75 h8g is the best 75-inch tv that  you can buy, it’s designed for gamers or   those who are passionate about their favorite watching your favorite Tv show,   it has a high contrast ratio and a full  array local dimming to produce deep  blacks and it gets bright enough to  overcome glare easily  it doesn’t have the best viewing angles  which we expect from most VA  panels  so it isn’t ideal for wide seating areas  it has a fast response time and a black  frame insertion feature to deliver clear  images in fast-moving scenes  low frame rate content doesn’t stutter  much and it can remove judder from 24p  sources and native apps,  its low input lag makes gaming feel  incredibly responsive but the refresh  rate is limited to 60 hertz  and it lacks VRR support to reduce  screen tearing  it supports most common resolutions and  can display proper 4:4:4 making it a good choice for a pc  monitor 

2.TCL 75R635

Brand TCL
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
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Hardware Interface HDMI
Screen Size 75 Inches
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Skype, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Instant Video
Display Technology QLED
Controller Type Vera, Voice Control
Model Name 75S535

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 if you prefer Roku’s user-friendly  interface over android tv  then check out the TCL75r635 would be a good shot,  it’s very similar to the Hisense H8G, but  it has a significantly higher contrast  ratio and better motion handling  plus it gets much brighter to deliver a  fantastic HDR  experience 

 unfortunately, it has a slightly higher input lag and its local dimming feature doesn’t perform as well,  color accuracy is not the best in this price range, you may have to calibrate it to get the best viewing experience,  the built-in Roku tv is user-friendly menu navigation feels smooth and it has a ton of apps you can download also it doesn’t have any trouble upscaling lower resolution content which is great if you tend to watch shows from a cable box.

overall these are very similar TV and  there are pros and cons for each  the HISENSE is a better choice if you  don’t want to spend as much money but if  you want a Roku tv or a better HDR experience then go with the TCL,

Special Feature
Auto Game Mode; Easy Voice Control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google, HDR Pro Pack featuring Dolby Vision; Contrast Control Zone Technology; AiPQ Engine with Smart HDR, Smart 4K Upscaling, and Smart ContrastAuto Game Mode; Easy Voice Control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google, HDR Pro Pack featuring Dolby Vision; Contrast Control Zone Technology; AiPQ Engine with Smart HDR, Smart 4K Upscale…

3. Hisense 65 u8g :

Brand Hisense
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI

Color Black
Hardware Interface Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0, 802.11 ac/b/g/n
Screen Size 64.5 Inches
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube
Display Technology
LED Controller Type
Remote Control, Voice Control Screen Surface Description

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although we already have a 75-inch high  sense tv on this list this latest high sense  65u8g  is one of the best-LED panel TVs you can  buy under a budget of 1500  it performs very well in both dark and  bright environments  it has excellent peak brightness in SDR  and with its excellent reflection  handling visibility shouldn’t be an  issue even in the brightest of  environments

  in dark rooms, it has a VA panel with  fantastic contrast and a great local  dimming feature that helps further  deepen any blacks  fans of hdr content should appreciate  that it supports both HDR10+ and  Dolby vision so you won’t have to worry  about the format your HDRcontent is in

 it displays a wide color gamut and easily gets bright enough to fight glare in well-lit rooms but sadly it has narrow viewing angles which we expect from a VA panel TV   this means that the image looks inaccurate when viewed from the side.

4. Samsung Q80/Q80A QLED

Connectivity Technology
Yes (WiFi5) / Yes (WiFi5) / Yes / Yes (BT4.2)/ 4 / 2 / Yes
Special Feature
Direct Full Array; Object Tracking Sound; Quantum Processor 4K, 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot; Quantum HDR 12X; Adaptive PictureDirect Full Array; Object Tracking Sound; Quantum Processor 4K, 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot; Quantum HDR 12X; Adaptive Picture

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Samsung has been one of the finest manufacturers of TVs and the latest  Samsung q80a  is the best wide-angle TV under 1 500  it uses a different panel type than the  Hisense u8g  so that means it has a much lower contrast at the cost of wider viewing angles it gets extremely bright and has good reflection handling making it a great choice for watching tv shows or sports with many people in well-lit rooms 

it’s very good for gaming as well as it has VR support and an HDMI 2.1  input and it doesn’t have any issues with either the ps5  or Xbox series 10.

 it has a full array of local dimming features and  even though it does a good job at  improving the contrast there’s still too  much blooming around bright objects 

5. LG CX OLED 55

Brand LG
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
Hardware Interface Bluetooth
Screen Size 55 Inches
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, Google TV
Display Technology OLED
Controller Type Voice Control
Speaker Type Built-In
Model Name OLED55CXAUA
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

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while larger sizes are more expensive  the 55-inch version can often be found  for under 1  500 and even though it’s an older  version of the LG C1 OLED it’s a better  choice because it costs less,  it can produce perfect blacks by turning  off pixels individually thanks to its  older panel technology  resulting in an infinite contrast ratio  that’s ideal for watching movies and  other content in the dark  while OLEDs typically don’t get as  bright as led TVs  HDR content still looks great on this tv  because of its wide color gamut and  perfect black levels  gamers should appreciate the variable  refresh rate VRR  support to reduce screen tearing it also  has a near-instantaneous  response time that results in a smooth  motion and its low input lag makes  gaming feel responsive and comfortable

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