PS5 Stock Shortage will end very soon


IF YOU STILL haven’t been able to get your paws on a PlayStation 5, well you are not alone, just get ready to join the party. Sony says it is ramping up production of the console, which has been notoriously difficult to obtain since its release in late 2020 because of lingering supply chain issues.

On a call with investors this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the materials shortages that were keeping PS5s off of shelves were “improving” and that Sony is planning “heavy further increases” in production.

According to a Reuters report of the call, Ryan says Sony hopes to produce 18 million consoles in 2022, compared to 11.5 in 2021. That’s a 57 percent jump.

The news comes as some cities in China institute new lockdowns to slow the spread of Covid-19, which analysts fear could further disrupt manufacturing schedules and continue to gum up global consumer product shipments. Sony says that its own manufacturing pipeline is improving despite these new developments.

Sony also announced that another State of Play event is taking place on Thursday, June 2. Tune in to the live broadcast to see trailers and teasers for new PlayStation titles, as well as updates on games coming to PlayStation VR2.

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