How to choose the right laptop for you (Update 2022 )


Shopping for a laptop isn’t quite as  simple as buying the most expensive  machine that you can afford some $3,000  laptops are great for gaming but they  have really poor battery life and some  $300 machines are sluggish but they have  batteries that last all day here are a  few basic tips to make sure you’re  getting the features that matter the  most to you when you’re

1. Operating system :

You probably already have a preference and a lot of this depends on what you do and what you’re used to, Windows 10 is the most common, and thanks to Robust pen and touchscreen support it’s also the most versatile.

Mac OS is a great choice for  multimedia editing and synchronizing  your digital life with your iPhone and  iPad and Chromebooks are perfect for  students then consider the form factor  that’s right for what you do  traditional clamshell laptops like this  one are great for gaming and typing and  Mac’s only come as clamshells if you  want something more flexible 2 + 1  convertible laptops have touchscreens  and they can be propped up like a tent  to watch movies or transform into a  tablet you can get Windows 10 or  Chromebook convertibles you’ll also see  models whose screens fully separate from  a base they might have flimsy removable  keyboards but they’re great for  sketching or taking notes and they’re  extremely thin in life

2. Screen size

 Next, you’ll want  to consider the right screen size for you,  how you work around 13 inches is the  sweet spot if you’re looking for an  ultra portable to carry around the house  or office everyday these typically weigh  three pounds or less a laptop with a 15  or a 17 inch screen is best if you’re  replacing a desktop or if you frequently  play games or watch movies 10 to 12  inches is the most common size for  detachable tablets and most gaming  systems are 15 or 7 

3. Internal components

  until Pentium and Celeron processors are  suitable for word processing but you’ll  want a Core i5 core i7 or AMD Rison chip  for smooth web browsing video streaming  and multitasking as a rough rule of  thumb if you’re looking at intel core  chips the ones ending in you are  low-power and therefore less powerful  than ones that end in H or H cubed  Intel Atom chips which you might see in  some very inexpensive laptops are really  only for the most basic tasks

4. Drive

to hit the  sweet performance  spot between price and mainstream laptops should have at least  eight gigabytes of memory but you’ll  want at least double that if you are  gaming or editing multimedia you should  also choose a solid-state hard drive  known as an SSD instead of a regular  hard drive whenever possible unless you  have many 4k movies or thousands of data  files a 256 gigabyte SSD will offer a  far more enjoyable computing experience  than one terabyte hard drive and it’ll  cost about the same and if you’re a serious game or video editor your laptop  must have a discrete graphics chip like  one of Nvidia GeForce gtx 10 series GPUs  these offer many times the performance  of an integrated graphics chip but  remember if you have a powerful graphics  card and a powerful CPU battery life  could really suffer and that’s why  gaming laptops tend to have very short  battery life these are just the very  basics of laptop shopping you can dive  into detailed testing results and other  specs ik ins that are like ports display  resolution and much more by visiting PC  Mag comm and searching for our numerous  guys to the best laptops

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