China is planning to kill mark zuckerberg Metavers’s plan

Le PDG de Facebook Mark Zuckerberg a témoigné devant une commission de la Chambre des représentants le 11 avril 2018 à Washington.
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The Metaverse is the future of the  internet and while Mark Zuckerberg is  planning to dominate this space , as this became pretty obvious by first changing Facebook’s name to Meta to the launche of several projects. Something is brewing on the  other side of the planet that could  completely derail his plans.

Last year Morgan Stanley wrote a note to its  investors that China’s metaverse on its  own could grow to become a 8 trillion  dollar industry.

In the past year alone  more than a thousand companies including  heavyweights such as Alibaba and Tencent  have applied for over 10 000 Metaverse  related trademarks, not to mention that even the Chinese  government has formed the Metaverse  industry committee.

In the future we’re  going to see a major battle between the  United states and China on who can build  the future of the internet . However, china has  an incredible advantage that no one else  in the world does as it’s currently  building the world’s first 6G network,  and this could be the game changer that  allows china to dominate the future of our internet.

Let’s break it all down in  this article, now what exactly is the Metaverse and how will look like the future of the internet.

In the future your internet  experience is going to be more immersive  than ever before VR can create an  entire virtual world that you can enter  with a headset but AR (augmented reality) is something that  brings the virtual world into your world.

There’s no absolute answer to what the Metaverse is going to be like but what  we do know is that it’s going to merge  our real lives and the internet  completely together and of course with all the money being involved it’s going to be massive.

Creating a Metaverse is currently Facebook’s number one priority , as they plan on spending tens of billions of dollars developing it in the upcoming  year

However, despite all the talk of the metaverse in western countries, China has been seemingly missing from  the entire conversation. As you probably  already know companies like Meta have  almost no presence in china at all. Does this mean that China will be left behind? absolutely not, in fact it’s the complete  opposite, china has been making some massive advancements when it comes to the internet as china was the first  country in the entire world to implement  5G technology and now it’s the only country in the world working on 6G.

In  January the Chinese government-backed  purple mountain laboratories announced  that it made a breakthrough in 6G research, they managed to reach speeds up  to 206 Giga bytes per second, 6G it’s going  to make breakthroughs in the fields of  VR, AR, blockchain and decentralization,  all of which are essential parts of the  Metaverse, in fact some people beliefs state  that we won’t even see the Metaverse  until we have a viable 6G network which is going to be a massive advantage for  china in the future .

Metaverse and E-commerce?

The Chinese company Alibaba is the world’s largest  e-commerce platform. as a metter of fact Alibaba’s  revenue 134 billion us dollars which is 17  billion dollars more than Meta(Facebook). this is  a company that has a lot of money to  throw at new concepts and the Metaverse  happens to be one of these concepts.

Earlier this year Alibaba applied for  the Alibaba Yuan universe and Taobao  Yuan universe as trademarks both of  these trademarks are Metaverse related, according to rumors Alibaba wants to  create its own Metaverse shopping center  and this is going to be entirely different experience from  online stores because it will literally  be like shopping in the real life.

Wearing a  VR headset, consumers can enter a  shopping mall with all of their favorite  brands, pick up items and even test them  out but there’s also another layer to this Alibaba wants to create a headset  free metaverse platform that can enhance  real life shopping experience with the help of AR glasses

As you can see in this video putting these  headestes on, is going to change the way  you see the shopping mall, you will  receive all kinds of extra information  about the products that interest you  another concept shows that these  glasses are going to be more useful for  more than just shopping, all you have to  do is wear these glasses and you can  navigate through different menus using  gestures it can even guide you to the  right place all while not distracting  you from what’s in front of you .

Other features


There are also some other features like analyzing any real life game you play such as ping  pong it’ll keep track of the score and  even help you by creating strategies

The  uses for this technology can be endless  and this is only the beginning these  Metaverse glasses may also change  tourism as we know it a Metaverse  concept video from guangzhou shows us  how incredible these glasses could be  when used in tourism for starters, these  glasses will tell you all of the seats  that are available on a train looking  outside your window will show you what city you’re in and looking at certain  attractions will tell you more about it,  when you’re taking public transport in a  new city it’ll tell you everything you  need to know including the route the  arrival time and the basic things like  entrances and exits all of this can be  super confusing to a tourist that  doesn’t know any better but these  Metaverse glasses are going to make it  so simple, and this just one of the many advantages that  sets china’s Metaverse apart from the one that mark Zuckerberg is currently  creating.

the chinese one focuses more on  ways that we can incorporate the  metaverse into our real life while  zuckerberg’s metaverse is sort of like  its own little universe that is separate  from real life in reality the metaverse  is going to be extremely important in  the future and here’s why

 with the internet becoming more  widespread in our lives than ever before  things like retail stores tourism sports  or even going outside are starting to  become rare*  the internet makes all of these things a  lot more convenient in their virtual  forms for example when you’re shopping  online you have a lot more information  about that product than if you were  shopping in real life but the Metaverse  or at least china’s version of it is  going to bring real life up to par with  the internet it’s going to close the gap  between the virtual and the real worlds  wearing these glasses is going to  enhance your shopping your tourism and  much more there are going to be  countless other implementations of this  technology and it’s all super exciting  china once again is at the forefront of  all of this technology and it’s going to  be interesting to what happens next by  now you’re probably wondering when is  the metaverse going to come out, Meta  plans on launching its metaverse  headsets in 2024 but you can expect  alibaba to release its glasses much  sooner than that it’s unlikely we’ll see  anything major in 2022 but by 2023 a lot  of these projects will be launched as i  mentioned at the start of this video  china is in the driver’s seat as they  are the only country developing 6g  technology and this could give china a  massive advantage over mark zuckerberg  and this isn’t the first time that we’ve  seen a chinese tech company rise from  nowhere and challenge mark zuckerberg  let’s not forget how tick-tock  completely changed the future of social  media with its short video format  chinese technology has completely  changed instagram facebook and even  youtube and again this is why i believe  it’s vital the world learns from china  the chinese are literally inventing the  future of the internet and if everything  goes to plan china just might be the  king of the new metaverse that will be  the future of our world everyone thank  you for taking time out of your day to  spend it with me here on youtube and i  hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the  future of the metaverse things like this  really excite me and again this is why i  preach this cooperation between the  united states and china if china is the  only country in the world that’s  developing 6g it makes only sense for  the united states and other western  countries to learn from china and  partner with china like i mentioned  before bite dance reinvented the world  of social media with the invention of  tiktok and again china is going to  change the future of our world everyone  thank you so much for taking time out of  your day to spend it with me here on  youtube i enjoyed doing deep dives into  technology like this if this is your  first video of mine i invite you to hit  that subscribe button and also if you’re  interested in growing this channel come  join me on patreon every week i release  exclusive podcasts for my patreon  supporters and enjoy talking about china  and everything going on in the world  everyone my name is cyrus jansen thank  you for your support and i look forward  to seeing you all in next week’s video  

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